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The Land of the Free

Umbrella-Chairs— Photographed by Tyler Buschman —

The Land of the Free

The Home of the Brave…

We bought what they sold

As they took what we gave

We watched what they did

Without worry or care

They hid behind flags

As they siphoned us bare

The ground which we stand

Is now dusty and bleak

A Land of the Poor

And a Home of the Meek

We used to be Free

When we used to be Brave

But now we are here

‘Cause they took what we gave


Secret Admirer


Auburn eyes

Skin of milk

Hair that twines

Like vines of silk…

Won’t you be

My Valentine?

Won’t you be no one’s

But mine?

Won’t you live

Inside my head

And haunt me

While I lie in bed?

I don’t know

I do not know

I do not know

If you will know

That I’m the one

Who wrote this text

And if you do

Then what comes next?

If you unveil

That I am me

What then becomes

Of us and we?

Will you and I

Become a pair

Or will my hope

Become despair?

It’s hard to know

It’s hard to see

If what’s ahead

Is you and me

But feelings

This intensely tense

Go far beyond

The bounds of sense…

So sense is out,

And logic too,

I will not stop

‘Til me and you

Have elevated

Passed defeat—

Two separate hearts

Within a beat

A sum much greater

Than its parts

A bond that’s born

Where passion starts

I’ll wrap you up

And hold us tight

Until our flame

Consumes the night

And from the ash

Our love will rise

And soar throughout

The cosmic skies

Just me and you

And you and me

Just we and us

And us and we

No one can stop

What’s meant to be

No one can stop

Our Destiny

Just me and you

And you and me—

Together through