Monthly Archives: May 2015


Love— Photographed by Tyler Buschman —

They told me it was the answer.  That no matter what it would, “find a way.”  Find a way?  Heh.  To disappear, maybe.  Down to nothing but a speck of a crumb.  “Find a way,” is something they say when they know it’s too late.  All I can do now is watch it unravel, one thread at a time.  But what’s time without worth?  Perhaps it’s the sneakiest evil.  Too much of it providing too little.  Yet here I stand, holding onto nothing more than one lonely thread.  It’s all I can do with the time we have left.



Photographed by Tyler Buschman

“Blacks and whites!” I told them.  “Nothing more than blacks and whites…”  And I was right.  But so were they.  Blacks and whites are clean.  They’re simple.  They’re safe.  But I didn’t care.  I saw color.  I saw color and wanted to show them what they were missing.  But they’d never seen color.  You can’t know what you can’t see.  So there I sat, selling cars to horsemen.  Nothing more than an unwanted luxury.  And I get it.  I really do.  But if you ever grow old of the blacks and the whites, I’ll be here.  I’ll always be here.