Naughty Zombie


There once roamed a Zombie

That nibbled his friend—

A life which came slowly

To all but an end

But after a while

What’s one became two

So both Zombies hunted

For something to chew

Together they feasted

While groaning with moans

Until they erased

Every bit from the bones

But one of the two

Couldn’t stop seeing red

And so he continued

To eat the undead

It didn’t quite matter

The meat wasn’t fresh

The hunger decided

That flesh equaled flesh

For Darwin had spoken

The fittest would win

Regardless of boundaries

Or morals or sin

I’m writing this message

In effort to warn

I witnessed the Cannibal

Zombie be born

So batten the hatches

And brace for the Fall

The Cannibal Zombie

Is coming for all…

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