Day #29: Pieces (1982)

Plot: A college campus is terrorized by a chainsaw-wielding serial killer who cuts his victims into pieces in an attempt to create a human jigsaw puzzle.

I thought Pieces was pretty fucking terrible.  Like Demons, much of the dialogue is horribly dubbed.  Horribly.  There are some okay death scenes, none of which I’ll remember a day or two after writing this.  Actually, I take that back.  There is one murder scene where the killer stabs his knife into the back of his victim’s head and the blade bends completely in half—I’ll remember that one for a while.  The movie plods along while the police try to uncover the identity of our mystery killer.  In the meantime, young females are chain-sawed into…pieces.  For reasons explained earlier in the film, the killer takes a single body part from each of the girls he’s murdered.  Eventually, the police figure out the murderer’s identity (Not-so-spoiler alert: It’s the creepy Dean!) and arrive just before he’s able to kill another victim.  The end?  Nope.  This is where things get really good.

After putting a bullet in the Dean’s skull, the cops perform a quick sweep of the apartment.  One cop leans on a trapdoor bookcase that spins around, revealing a Frankenstein-esque corpse that’s been constructed from the missing victims’ limbs.  This piecemeal body falls from the bookcase, pinning one of the main characters (Kendall) to the ground in what turns out to be both the scariest and funniest moments of the entire movie.  The end?  Nope.  Immediately following this scene is an interaction between the lead cop and Kendall, who are still inside the creepy Dean’s apartment.  As they get ready to leave, Kendall stops to grab his jacket off an ottoman.  As he does, the life-less hand of the jigsaw Frankenstein corpse magically reaches up, grabs Kendall’s groin, and proceeds to rip his dick off as he screams in agony.  The end?  Yup.  The movie literally ends on a freeze frame of Kendall’s screaming face just as his dick is being ripped off by a human jigsaw corpse.  PIECES!

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