Day #25: Street Trash (1987)

Plot: A liquor store owner discovers a sixty-year-old crate of booze called “Viper” and begins selling it to the homeless for one dollar a bottle.

This movie is IN.  FUCKING.  SANE.  And I loved every moment of it.  Street Trash is kind of hard to explain because there isn’t much of a plot.  A majority of the movie focuses on the homeless subculture, specifically a Vietnam vet named Bronson who acts as an unofficial junkyard king.  Shit starts hitting the fan when a sleazy liquor store owner unearths a dusty case of booze that’s been hidden in his store’s basement.  Although the booze is dated more than sixty-years-old, the owner figures he can make some money by selling this “Viper” to the homeless population. It turns out that “Viper” is quite an appropriate name, as anybody consuming the liquid instantaneously dissolves from the inside out.  This leads to some awesomely gross death scenes.  The script and acting are both surprisingly tight and the effects kick some motherfucking ass.  There’s even a scene where a group of homeless people play monkey in the middle with a freshly severed penis.  Need I say more?  Fine–the penis wasn’t just severed, it was forcefully ripped from the groin of its living owner.  Street Trash is a truly unique film, and I absolutely consider it the prized jewel of this year’s Horrorfest.  There are still a few days to go, but this one is going to be hard to top (Feast is an extremely close second).  Go see this movie.  It’s crazy in the best ways possible.

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