Day #23: Brain Damage (1988)

Plot:  After escaping the care of an elderly couple, a talking parasite named Aylmer attaches itself to a young man’s brainstem and begins bartering a euphoric drug in exchange for human brains.

Brain Damage follows a talking parasite (Aylmer) as it attaches itself to the brainstem of a young man named Brain.  After delivering a powerful drug directly into Brain’s brain, Aylmer is able to control him.  Since Aylmer feeds on brains, he begins using Brian as a vessel to hunt for food.  Brian eventually becomes aware of Aylmer’s actions, but his addiction to the parasite’s drug is too strong to overcome.  Only time will tell if Brian can break free from Aylmer’s murderous grip…

Brain Damage is fun at times and silly at others.  There are some ridiculous deaths (one during a blowjob) along with some hilarious dialogue (the phallic shaped parasite yelling, “You know you need my juice!”).  Still, the movie feels more like a forcefully stretched Tales From The Crypt episode than a feature film.  Brain Damage has some memorable scenes but doesn’t quite hit the mark.  Again, this is another 80’s horror film I could see benefitting from a remake, especially if leaned more towards its comedic side.

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